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My Mission
January 20, 2010

I will be relating my experience, as I have progressively become more fit and healthy over the past 8 years. I will also include great tips and useful information from friends and additional sources, for which I will provide references if they are directly quoted. I wish to convey the most helpful and practical information I have come across, the same information I swear and live by day to day.

I hope to keep a straightforward format, in order for you to get as much information as you need as quickly as possible in hope of giving you the courage to begin implementing these suggestions into your daily life. Ultimately I hope I can spark your fire of motivation which is fundamental if you want to begin and continue to succeed.

My main focus is going to be on what you can do starting now to change your life around. For others who are already on their way to a healthier and happier life this will serve as encouragement and help you stick with your new habits. For most of my readers who are trying to bring balance to their shocking eating habits, you will quickly see how you don’t need extra human strength or heroic willpower. A balanced diet or lifestyle is typically made up of acquiring and applying the right knowledge, which enables you to make smart choices. That’s primarily what it all boils down to, making the right choices! If you CHOOSE to put the right things in your body, your BODY is going to love YOU and YOU are going to love your BODY!

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What this is NOT!
January 16, 2010

With the abundance of information out there; there are just too many contrary and conflicting opinions in the world of diet and exercise. No doubt you find this very time consuming, confusing and frustrating. I have spent the past several years combing through fitness and nutrition books, magazines and websites, compiling only the helpful but also most practical information. Some of you might have a different spin on my suggestions and statements, but that’s where it’s up to you to decide for yourself what you will agree with and act on.

I do promise you that this is NOT going to be a collaboration of stats that leave you saying, “That’s interesting, but what do I do now?”

I like to think this will be like a game of connect the dots. You know where some of the dots are already; I’ll just be helping you connect them. Practical suggestions that are easy to implement, that truly make a difference in one’s life. The only thing I ask of you is to keep an open mind and eventually be ready to make some changes.

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