Keep it simple stupid

Do not over complicate things! If it grows on a tree or comes out of the ground then eat it! You cannot go wrong with what God makes grow. In addition, do not forget about meat (thank goodness for animals)!

Just think of all the “garbage” you avoid by following that one simple rule. Generally the more man has mucked with it, the worse it is for you, so in turn the closer it is to its natural state the better it is for you.

Nothing, and I repeat nothing, will give you better results than balance and regularity. By this I mean, eat a balanced diet and GET OUT THERE AND REGULARLY BREAK A SWEAT!

*Photo provided by Desktop Nexus user: angelic

**Photo modified by Stew-Art-Prints

2 Responses

  1. Hey Stew,
    Re. your comment about meat…Some have said that our diet “in the future” will be meatless, and yes that would mean fishless too at least I think thats what it means.
    My friend has said many times on this particular subject – “…If God didn’t want us to eat animals, then why did make them out of meat?”
    …pass the Keg spice pls. Amen.
    What do u BBQ??

    • Absolutely love your friends quote, LOL! I must say I would find it difficult to get my protein requirement without having meat. Others say it is possible, but I know it would take some dedication. Until then I’ll enjoy every bite… I BBQ mostly chicken but I’m a sucker for burgers. The nice thing about a burger is it’s actually very well balanced, a good ratio of carbs/protein/fat… make sure to get 100% whole wheat buns! Fish has the highest amount of healthy fats but I find it more finicky to cook than chicken or beef. Thanks for asking

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