What prevents you from reaching your goals?


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  1. Laziness is #1,finishing a bag of 6 bagels in less than 20 hours prrrrrobably doesn’t help either.
    Eating well tends to be more expensive and time consuming for preparation (having a roommate who feeds on beer & chips while maintaining a Posh Spice physique doesn’t help in morale).
    My goal is always within reach Goal:GOING FROM A KEG TO A SIX PACK…currently stuck on 2pac Shakur.

    • Yummmm, beer & chips I wish. That would be difficult, my heart goes out to you! Oh and bagels… thx for getting my cravings going again.

  2. Me its mostly finding the time to get to the gym..and also lack of knowledge..not knowing what to do…I’m kinda forced to eat healthy cause I found out a couple months ago I have Celiac disease so I can’t have anything with any wheat products in it anymore.

    • Sorry to hear that… my sister is celiac and she to can’t have any wheat products. It no doubt is a big adjustment in eating habits to minimize any side effects, but its possible. If lack of knowledge is an obstacle for you, you came to the right place! Don’t be shy to ask any questions, I’m here to help. You can post any questions on my Q&A page.

  3. The reason, of course, that most people don’t reach their goals is simply that they choose the most ridiculous things to reach for.
    Personally, my goal for the next year is to gain a few pounds of fat, sleep a lot more, enjoy much more music, visit lots of friends, and stay warm!
    Soon I’ll be a motivation speaker, since I will have achieved far more of my goals than anyone else!

    • You crack me up! You have always been a motivational speaker as long as I can remember, wink! I’m sure if everyone was to work as hard as you do during the stucco season, there would be no need for me to right this blog. So here is to your goals, may you be fat, happy and warm! Thx for your spin on things… much appreciated.

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