The NO POP Pledge

I was inspired to write this post as I have seen a series of 2L Pepsi bottles finding their way back into my refrigerator. Simply outing the person responsible for this unthinkable crime just would not feel right; but I will take this opportunity to tell you… I am married.

Pop, soda, soft drink, cola, whatever you call it. Why is it so bad for you?

Most likely, if you really enjoy drinking pop, you are drinking too much. Unless drank occasionally, pop is extremely addictive, mostly because of the added caffeine, which is sad considering there are many different ways to get your caffeine fix other than drinking pop.

There are many conflicting reports about how much sugar is in pop. It is actually hard to believe that so much sugar can even dissolve in a can of pop. So just how much sugar really is in a can of pop? It is no mystery; the nutrition facts label on the back indicates plainly how many grams of sugar are in one serving. Knowing that a teaspoon of sugar is 4.2 grams, you can then divide the number of sugar grams by 4.2, giving you the total amount of sugar in teaspoons. A can of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar, equivalent to 9.8 teaspoons of sugar. A can of Coca-Cola contains 39 grams of sugar, equivalent to 9.3 teaspoons of sugar.

That much sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies and causes mayhem on our hormones, making insulin levels skyrocket. Our entire bloodstream only contains approximately 5 grams (slightly more than a teaspoon) of glucose (blood sugar) at any given time. It is quite apparent how easy it is to upset our body’s delicate balance. With that much sugar in our system, our body will be in constant fat storage mode.

“Out of all the sweeteners in the world, nothing seems to contribute to obesity more than good old table sugar (sucrose). It is a very hard sugar for your body to handle, due to the minerals that are needed to digest it, such as chromium, manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, and magnesium. These happen to be the very minerals that are stripped from sugar during the refining process. As a result, sugar depletes the body’s own mineral reserves as it gets metabolized.

The powerful combination of glucose and fructose–such as you find in table sugar–simulates your insulin more than anything else tested. So STAY AWAY FROM REFINED TABLE SUGAR at all costs if you want to lose body fat and maintain or gain back your health.” Fat Wars

Think you are off the hook because you drink diet soft drinks? Think again!

“…most artificial sweeteners can affect your health just a negatively as sugar itself (and in some cases even more so).

These sugar substitutes didn’t exist… …therefore, our bodies don’t know what to do with them, so they treat them as a type of sugar. A number of laboratory tests confirm that artificial sweeteners can boost insulin by actually fooling the body into thinking the sweetener is sugar. And remember, it’s the insulin that causes your boys to switch into a fat-storage mode. When your insulin is stimulated, it looks for sugar. When it can’t find any real sugar from these substitutes, it ends up going after your own blood sugar, causing you to experience an energy decline and a fat-storage incline.

The ones to be extra cautious about are aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal) and saccharin (Sweet ‘N Low, Sprinkle Twin, and Sugar Twin)…” Fat Wars

It is obvious; we should not be drinking the stuff! Life can get hectic and we are not always in complete control of our circumstances. So here is what I propose…

Sign my NO POP Pledge blog post.

By doing so, you agree to keep your home a pop free zone, not willfully bringing pop into your home. Of course, there will be occasions when invited guests bring some over, when someone hands you a rum and coke at a gathering or you just might find yourself sipping a soft drink of a combo you bought at a fast food joint, but so be it.

Let’s just focus on keeping your refrigerator a pop free zone. You can sign my No POP Pledge by way of the “Leave a Response” link at the top of this post or “Submit a Comment” below.

Signed Stewy (making you healthier, one blog post at a time)

*Photo provided by deviantART user: littlexb


15 Responses

  1. NO POP Pledge Participants:

      Shane (Woody)
  2. Ah you’re killing me. What, are you trying to turn me into some puritan. Oh My Goodness!!!! Okay I confess the diet cokes have found their way back into my refridgerator since bad habits formed during camping season. But I will sign your pledge. I have 14 cans left in the fridge, when it’s gone I’m done! Can I replace it with BEER!! Oh and I have lots of friends who I know will support the rye and coke fix if I am in tough shape. Hey I didn’t see splenda mentioned in your list. What are your thoughts on that sweetner? Probably will have the same results from the bodys standpoint I would imagine. Anyhow since I can’t do pushups I guess I can stop the pop.
    love Ma

    • The only sweetener I can recommend is stevia extract, because it does not cause a drastic rise in blood sugar levels. Stevia rebaudiana is a plant that grows in the rain forests of Brazil and Paraguay, but now that its popularity has increased it’s also grown in Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, and Canada. It’s safe to use and does not have any of the side effects table sugar has. Surprisingly I would recommend people to treat themselves with a beer instead or even better a glass of wine, both have healthy properties. As far as getting your caffeine fix… coffee coffee coffee! As long as you are not dumping lots of cream and sugar into your coffee, it also has very healthy properties. Thx for joining the No Pop Pledge… you’ll thank me later. 😉

  3. Yes, yes and yes.
    I, hereby, actually years ago, pledge to remove all soda substances from my home.
    In addition I resolve to repudiate and reprimand all invited guests that DARE show their faces at my door while carrying soda, unless accompanied by gin, rye or vodka. Thereby assuring superiority over common men.
    Furthermore, I will encourage those I know that drink the ‘stuff’ to desist, by mocking, derision, hateful stares and attacks on their person if they drink ‘it’ in my presence.
    I wasn’t sure if this was the resolution you wanted, maybe it doesn’t go far enough.

    • That about says it!! LOL. I give the Shane police full authority and therefore will turn my back to the ill treatment of anyone possessing pop.

  4. Hey Derek, nice one. I’ve been avoiding pop for years now that I know how bad it is. And Diet Coke… no sugar… but aspartame. Great. Keep it up, good info here.

    • You’re a smart man then, wink! Definitely not an easy one for most to give up, so congrats. Thanks for checking out my blog.. I’ll return the favour shortly. Cheers

  5. You’re right on! I finally kicked the POP habit in mid-June — the key for me was when I read it inhibits our ability to feel full — and I realized this is why I constantly struggled with controlling my appetite. Within two days – the cravings were gone and I was on my wait to eating clean foods, normal portions and exercising.

    • There we have it… real proof, it can be done. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. Your on my No Pop Pledge now and I’m going to hold you to it. 😉

  6. Hey Stewy! I’ll participate by making sure that Shane doesn’t cheat on this pledge – Now if only I could get him to stop adding sugar to his many morning cups of coffee…

    • He will have to come to my place as my cappuccinos don’t need any sugar! Wink

  7. I loved this post. I stopped drinking pop for as long as 3 years now. I feel so good. and I feel sorry for those who drink it.
    I am muslim and I dont drink alcohol, but Im constantly trying to find drinks that I can have with food or on occasions or when I invite friends, sometimes I try nonalcoholic wine stuff, but its expensive and it is not really any better then regular juice, I stopped that too cuz I still think it has a lot of sugar, I do prefer fresh juice but its so hard to have so I stick with water. What do you drink?

    • Congratulations for kicking the pop habit! Yes, nothing can replace water… try adding freshly sliced limes or lemons, it looks great in a pitcher of water and helps add a bit of flavour. I noticed you said you did not drink alcohol, do you have caffeine? Cappuccinos and lattes are a huge hit with our guests! Invest in a good espresso machine and with some practice you will be serving better espresso based drinks than most of the local restaurants. Its great to warm our company up on a cold day here in Canada. In the summer I also make Iced Cappuccinos, much healthier than the ones you buy, as you have control over how much sugar you put in.

      I don’t drink too much juice… but it is very healthy because it has many vitamins. However I’m very careful not to spike my insulin, so I limit my juice. You could also serve tea… If you don’t have caffeine you can still find very high quality decaffeinated beans that will still make amazing espresso based drinks.

      If you would like me to add you to my NO POP Pledge just let me know your name. Hope this helps.

  8. Thank you for your reply! I do have caffiene yes, everyday! your ideas are much appreciated thank you.

    And, Yes please add me to your NO POP pledge, my name is Celine.=)


    • Hello Celine,

      Glad I could help! 😉

      p.s. Thanks for joining the pledge.

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