Do’s & don’ts… starting now!

  • Stay away from refined sugars

  • Eliminate junk food and most sweets

  • Choose 100% whole grains (pasta and bread)

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables than you do grains

  • Replace butter or margarine with olive oil

  • Limit fruit juices; have water instead

  • Consume booze only on special occasions

  • Exercise (just get moving)

*Photos provided by Microsoft Office Online Clip Art

**Photos modified by Stew-Art-Prints


4 Responses

  1. Your blogs are a huge support for me. I’ve enjoyed reading your last 3 blogs and look forward to reading more!
    Thank you.

    • I’m so grateful to hear that you’re enjoying my blog posts, and that hey are a huge support to you. Time is very valuable these days, so I want to thank you for using some of that time to support my blog. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. All the best

  2. Love the clarity and simplicity of this list.

    • Perfect, that’s precisely what I was going for! Elaborate words and long sentence structure can be enjoyable to read at times, but suggestions are only implemented if they are remembered. That’s why I also like this list… just keepin it simple. 😉

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