Reevaluation needed?

Some researchers believe there are many benefits to eating specific fruits according to their respective season, arguing that our body is not designed to ingest certain fruits all year-round. For example, some fruits eaten out of season block your body’s ability to metabolize vitamin D. So during winter, when the sun (just one source of vitamin D for humans) is minimal, we would not be getting an adequate amount of vitamin D.

Do not get me wrong here, that could be a well-founded argument if you are prone to any vitamin deficiencies. More importantly, what poses a bigger health risk: your levels of vitamin D or being overweight?

Also, since we do not have all the time and energy in the world, where do you want to spend it?

One can easily get caught up in continually changing opinions. Fun facts might make you seem knowledgeable around your friends, but why not accept practical suggestions, ones that yield the most results. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. This is what matters most and changes ones life for the better. Start simple and work your way up, you can always fine tune later. If a few years from now you find yourself slim and trim, and maintaining your weight has become second nature, then by all means incorporate other suggestions.

Please keep things in perspective! If you find yourself worrying about your vitamin levels and passing by fruits because they are not in season, but are still throwing chips and cookies into your groceries cart, then maybe it is time for a reevaluation! First things first… let us start worrying more about loosing some weight (fat).

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3 Responses

  1. I like your take on the opinions of experts. I have been researching health issues all of my life (I’m 60), as I was a very sickly child, teenager and young adult. The doctors have only 2 answers to health issues; drugs or surgery. Neither seemed like a workable solution to me, and as I am prone to think about things before I do them, I spent a lot of time researching. Over the years experts opinions ‘flip-flopped’ back and forth over the same issues. I decided that common sense and logic were more useful to me, and that has worked for the best over time.

    • I cannot add to what you have said janet9195, just that I agree with you absolutely (and am only 22).

    • I second that motion. It is difficult to know who or what to trust these days, but one is best to keep it simple. Unaltered whole foods are the best medicine! Many people underestimate the power food has on our body, good or bad. Thank you both for taking the time to comment about this issue.

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