HOT OFF THE Freshly PRESSed! Who’s your blog daddy now?

(The two-day rise and fall of a blogger who was promoted to Freshly Pressed)

Dear Readers,

Prior to last week, I did not have the luxury of addressing my audience as readers; family and close friends hardly count as readers (sorry mom). However, since being Freshly Pressed, things are a little different now. Strangers from all parts of the world are tuning in to read my posts. How is that for pressure?

Before recounting the few short days of “living it up” on the home page of WordPress, there will be a few brief apologies: First, for being off topic. Those of you tuning in to get a slice of the ugly truth about fitness and nutrition, you will have to wait until next week. Second, for the use of first person as I will not be straying away from the word “I”, which one blogger called me out for over usage.

As a night worker, my day begins in the afternoon. My routine rarely varies: check the cell phone for texts to see what time to meet my gym buddy, then check the emails along with the usually depressingly low hit count on my blog (while secretly wondering why nobody loves me). It was just like any other afternoon; I sat down at the dinning room table, flipped open the Mac and strategically placed my cappuccino far enough to the side to avoid accidental spills.

The next few minutes were quite surreal and somewhat emotional. Mouth wide open, speechless, I just stared at the screen. My brain could not make sense of what my eyes were seeing; a large blue bar towering up the page, rising high enough to almost eliminate all other traffic recorded on previous days. My eyes were then immediately drawn to the little red circle beside my comments tab, notifying me of many pending comments.

I quickly realized that there could be only one plausible explanation for this drastic spike in traffic. Sure enough, right there on the WordPress home page was a clipping of my blog post under Freshly Pressed. It was reconfirmed when I checked my Gmail account and found an email from Erica Johnson Editorial Producer at WordPress, telling me my blog post had been promoted.

What a fun wave to ride while it lasted! Exactly what a down in the mouth blogger needed. Although the traffic wave quickly subsided, a much smaller but steady stream of traffic continues to trickle in; happily, there will always be proof that I was Freshly Pressed, thanks to the hundreds of comments and screen shot that proves it.

I am very grateful to everyone for your generous comments, many took the time to leave well thought out remarks. I plan to reply personally to every comment, so please be patient. Others offered helpful constructive criticism, as brought out earlier, which no doubt has revealed a few of my writing weaknesses. Thank you WordPress, for such a well-designed platform for bloggers to state their opinions and network with other bloggers. Finally yet most importantly, thank you Erica Johnson Editorial Producer for stumbling upon my post.

Please stay tuned for more posts… practical ways to be happy, healthy and fit.

Signed Stewy

*Photos provided by WordPress


12 Responses

  1. Your posts are great and your FP status was well deserved. Your caring attitude comes out in your writing as well.

    Keep posting…we’re reading!

    • Look at you, still droppin comments all over my blog.

      Really… “FP status was well deserved” I now have a lump in my throat! I feel the “tone” of an article is critical, if you are trying to gain the trust of your readers. Making changes in life is hard enough, we don’t need to feel worthless when being offered suggestions. So when I here you say “Your caring attitude comes out in your writing”, I know I am on the right track.

      I’m off to go look at your Quick…. Roasted Sweet Potatoes recipe. Yum!

  2. whoa…..u got email from the producer~~I really hope I can write so he can promote it~……lol…
    And tomorrow is a fine day,hope u enjoy it & never give up writing good posts……..I’m looking forward~~~
    -Best wishes,xinyu

    • That’s very nice of you to say, I’m glad you enjoy reading my posts! I will do my best to keep writing interesting articles. 😉

  3. congrats again! i love freshly pressed-its how i find awesome blogs! 🙂

    • Yes, a very good feature of WordPress. I also like how people can scan through old posts on Freshly Pressed. This way people can still find you, even if they missed you when featured on the front page.

  4. It’s a great feeling isn’t it 🙂

    I had one post freshly pressed many months ago and it is still getting more hits than any of my other posts.

    Thank you also for popping in to my blog and for your comments (why did you call me Anna?)

    • Great feeling indeed! Thanks for that detail about your Freshly Pressed post still getting hits. My post is still getting steady traffic as well, and I was wondering how long I could expect it to last.

      Sorry for the confusion about the name Anna, it was a reply to a comment on your blog post. She was the first to comment on the post, which featured my article. She mentioned she found my whole blog very interesting and inspiring… I wanted to say thanks.

      Your support is really appreciated, all the best with your blog!

  5. Keep up the good work, Stewy. You totally rock! You are, indeed, an inspiration to others. 🙂

    • Ouch, what’s that? Oh, that’s my ego starting to swell! 😉 Seriously though, I’m elated you feel that way!

  6. Just added you to my favorites list!

    • That’s very kind of you! Thank you for your participation on my blog… I hope you always enjoy the read. Cheers

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