When are we going to grow up?

All of us at one time or another have been on the receiving end of that comment. “When are you going to grow up?” Shocked as we may have been, there is a good chance there was a little truth behind the statement. Yes, the truth does hurt! Ironically, the same can be said about millions who struggle with their weight.

Much like a child who objects to his parent’s suggestions, even adults at times make up less than reasonable excuses.

Suggestion: “Maybe you could read up on fitness and nutrition to help you get motivated!”

Answer: “Oh, I don’t like reading!”

Suggestion: “Okay just try to increase your vegetable consumption.”

Answer: “I hate vegetables!”

Suggestion: “You could take a few minutes each day to walk.”

Answer: “Walking is too boring!”

Suggestion: “How about the gym? It can be more exciting than walking.”

Answer: “I’m too busy to go to the gym!”

Sound familiar? Just to make sure, we all know kindergarten is long gone? Playing games and eating goodies all day long is far behind us, and we just might be faced with some less than enjoyable responsibilities from time to time.

It would do us all some good to abandon the belief that our cravings should be constantly satisfied. In reality, most of us eat like kings! We are completely surrounded by whatever our taste buds desire, and have become accustomed to saying: “You deserve it!” Although what we really deserve, is healthy food to build a healthy body.

Since when has sitting on the couch and pigging out become rewarding physically and mentally? As a culture we are seriously confused as to what classifies as rewarding one self. It is time to grow up and stop making excuses, we deserve better and so does our body!

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17 Responses

  1. your pep talk is really what i needed – this gets 5 stars 🙂 you really know how to hit the nail on the head and get to the point. It’s so true that I have been satisfying all my taste needs the kid that I am.

    • Your feedback is exactly what I needed to hear. I feel these subjects are very important to address, and there is a fine line between telling people what they need to hear and discouraging them altogether. I’m so glad it’s motivational, otherwise what’s the point! Thank you once again for your support and participation on my blog. Here is to your sweet young self 😉 all the best

    • I forgot to thank you for rating this post… it’s really appreciated!

      • wish I could add more stars…..this definitely deserves to be freshly pressed 🙂

        • Funny, I thought so as well!! haha 😉 THX you’re very kind.

  2. Totally agree…

    • COOL!

  3. awesome post!

    • awe… thanks so much for reading!

  4. This made me think of all the times I got food (usually candy or cake) as a reward for doing something good as a kid…no wonder I still see some foods that way….
    Thanks for your thoughts!

    • ooh that’s a really good point! I will have to write something along those lines, how some bad habits are ingrained into us… For many it almost feels too late once they are addicted…

  5. Amen! I really agree that we are so full of excuses of not going that extra mile to enrich our lifes with the nessasary knowledge about healthy eating or trying to do some type of exercise.
    It’s a mindset, that’s what it is. We need to start changing our mindset about food. That pigging out on the couch is just wrong, that eating too much food is just wrong and not exercising is just wrong. We need to change our mindsets.

    • You’re right, it’s a mindset! Things seem so mixed up these days… peoples issues can seem so complex but a mindset is what it all boils down to. Change is never impossible! Thx for sharing.

  6. Hey little Buddy, I appreciated this post, the continued sense of entitlement that pervades our cultures is counterproductive to our health and the planet.

    Since when did we deserve to ‘treat’ ourselves for the lamest of acheivements. “A milkshake for finding the pants I was looking for…on sale”. An H2 Hummer, because I, worked hard and deserve it!” As if no one ever worked harder than “me”.

    I am constantly trying to tell my dad and other strugglers: enjoy your food but don’t find your joy in only your food. So in your “this for that category” instead of this,eating out do “that” a sauna and a swim.

    It’s time for a lot of us to grow up and stop saying: I don’t like it or I don’t feel like it. Rather embrace the challenges like a real Adult…not some spoiled whiney teenager!

    Testify, little man!

    • So true, this is a good side point and helps flesh out my post!

      Most are bent on pleasing self at all cost… with no regard to the consequences. Unfortunately, an endangered planet is the by-product of this unhealthy generation.

      All the best as you lead by example… let’s just hope others think “big picture” sooner than later.

      Later dude,


  7. Good post!
    When we were saying “no time, too busy..”, it was already 30mins passed. Stand up now and go to do it!!!!

    • It’s true. Most are far to easy on themselves! A little short-term adversity “diet and exercise” is not too much in return for a healthy life.

      Thanks for reading!

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