Straight up!

Your hard work is finally paying off, and you are enjoying the benefits of a balanced diet. In fact, it is so noticeable that it has become a hot topic with ones you know. Most likely you will encounter the following individual; after sharing how much you have lost and what your secret is, they have an immediate urge to try to assure you that they are completely fine with being overweight.

“I’m happy with myself! I really do not care how I look! I am learning to accept it, and I am okay with it now!”

Can an overweight or obese person truly be content with him or herself? What would be the loving thing to do? In the most respectful way possible, remind them of the dangerous effects of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease or a heart attack, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis (wear and tear of cartilage), the list goes on!

Everyone has the right to be overweight if they choose, but you cannot tell me it does not bother them. “I’m okay with the way I am”, is just a pleasant way of saying “I’m too lazy to change!”

Unfortunately, food addictions, sedentary lifestyle and a host of bad habits are not only self-detrimental, but they set a bad example for children. It is one thing to dig ourselves into an early grave, but let’s not cheat our children out of a long and healthy life.

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4 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, some are just plain unable to change…for whatever reason… that time. But there will come a time when they are ready. It may be when they can’t get into those “larger sized” pair of pants, or it may sadly be when they are looking a by-pass in the face…

    • So true, each person has his or her own braking point. A point when they finally say, “enough is enough!” A time where the disadvantages start to outweigh any advantages that unhealthy habits might bring. Until then we will continue to be their “thorn in the side”. 😉

  2. I think there is always a nice way to tell someone that he should pay attention to their weight, especially if you want to help. If a person is trapped in their bad habits, the aid he may receive from a loved one can be of vital importance, before the problem could trigger a serious illness.

    • I agree, despite being difficult to say it still is the loving thing to do. Although, it’s not uncommon for people to be ultra sensitive, which makes it difficult to be honest with them. Usually the last thing we want to do is hurt someones feelings, but in reality that would be the least of their worries if they were at risk in anyway. We mustn’t let fear of offending someone overshadow the gravity of the situation. Thank you very much for your support and participation.

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