Is weight training for me?

Why should we consider training with weights to strengthen our muscles?

“Weight training builds muscle mass which is ultimately the best tip for anyone seeking to lose the flab. As your body accumulates muscle your metabolic rate will increase, which in turn will help you burn more fat. End of story!” MuscleMag International

Weight training is just the ticket if we cannot picture our life without cheats. Having more muscle mass will give us more freedom to indulge; thus maintaining our figure while still taking pleasure in daily cheats. On the other hand, if we are living with minimal amounts of muscle mass then we will find our food choices much more limited.

*Photo provided by Microsoft Office Online Clip Art


8 Responses

  1. “Weight training is just the ticket if we cannot picture our life without cheats.” Well said!



    • Glad you agree! Even the most disciplined are going to be tempted here and there. 😉 There is no better feeling than enjoying your favourite treat guilt free, because you just worked your butt off for it!

      Thanks for taking the time to share your sentiments.

  2. I never really thought about it like that. Food for thought!

    • I’m happy to have put a new spin on it for you.

      We have been trained to think backwards, and we are paying the price. Instead of thinking “How can I cut calories?” we should all be thinking “How can I eat so my body consumes more calories?” More muscle means your body needs more calories to keep alive and more fat is burned as fuel, even when you’re sitting on your butt. 🙂

  3. Great reminder Stewy! It always makes me feel “stronger” when I use weights

    • I love that feeling, it’s invigorating to say the least!

  4. Nope! But you keep it up laddie and pass the cheescake…

    • Thanks for the encouragement/temptation! 🙂

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