Simple Humans

Humans thrive on accomplishment, which is why we usually only succeed if we see progressive results. The gym provides an environment that encourages us to compete with ourselves. If we take the time to document our progress, we can keep track of our accomplishments.

If you have been stuck at a certain weight for a while, it is no doubt discouraging. You may quickly reason “all this work is not worth it”. However, after a few visits to the gym, suddenly your regular weights seem lighter than usual. Words cannot describe your excitement as you progress while your body becomes stronger. Taking your measurements can also prove encouraging, since there will be times when you stop losing on the scale, but keep losing in inches.

Strength training provides both an obstacle and a goal. What seems to be impossible at first may quickly become manageable in the near future. Once you look back and see how far your body has come, you are sure to get the satisfaction you need to carry on.

Humans are simple; we need to see results to succeed. So dig deep! Push mentally! Strain physically! SURPRISE YOURSELF! SUCCEED!

*Photo provided by Home-Gym-Bodybuilding


6 Responses

  1. Great advice, Stewy!

    • THX for following.

  2. Advice not just for weight loss but for life.

    “What seems to be impossible at first may quickly become manageable in the near future” as long as you are willing and capable to carry on.

    Also, it’s nice to see someone acknowledge that health isn’t just a matter of dropping weight, but, if I read you correctly in between the lines, of dropping fat. Adding muscle is perfectly acceptable!

    • Good comparison! I always enjoy expounding on life’s similarities.

      Thank you for commenting on the fact that living a healthy life is not just about losing weight, but also gaining a healthy amount of muscle. Life is BALANCE!

      Thanks again for reading… I appreciate your generous comment.

  3. So true! Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Anytime!

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