Read… Read… Read…

Do you read the labels? Start reading the nutrition facts; you will be shocked at what you have been putting into your body.

Here is the basic label:

You will quickly see the differences between packaged processed foods and foods close to their natural state. If foods grow on a tree or come out of the ground, then eat them. These types of food are more nutrient dense, therefore helping you to feel full with fewer calories.

The ingredient list is just as important to read! Remember ingredients are listed in order of quantity; the first ingredient represents the highest quantity and so on. If you want to be in control of your weight, you must become familiar with food labels.

*Photo provided by Stew-Art-Prints


6 Responses

  1. Great advice. The thing that always confuses people are the “fats” the label will say “no trans fats” but the item contains more “fat” than you need in a whole day!

    • You gotta love marketers! It’s obvious that most are not concerned about our health, only about lining their pockets.

  2. I didn’t know about the ingredient list, that the first one is the main thing in the product and so forth. Thank you for that one.

    • Yeah, so if you see sugar at the top of the list or close to… RUN AWAY!!!! Everyone should try their best to avoid any of the following: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, enriched wheat flour (white flour), hydrogenated oil, and saturated fat.

  3. So, so SOOO important! I have lots of food allergies, and before I was diagnosed never considered labels vital. But wow, we are putting so much garbage into our bodies through our food, and the labels even tell us so! Reading saves health and waistlines!

    • Absolutely, it’s a joke what ingredients make it into some so called “healthy” foods. If we don’t read… we wont know. THX for commenting. Enjoy the fruits of label reading. 😉

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