Science is Beginning to Unlock the Secret Health Benefits of Garlic (via The Savvy Sister)

“Lots of you know about the benefits of garlic and are smart enough to include this odoriferous (that means “smelly”) bulb wherever you can in your diet.  But just how and why it has such amazing health promoting properties is just now being discovered.

Garlic is in the Alliaceae family along with it’s cousins leeks, shallots, and onions. It is the substance allicin, which is contained in such great quantities in garlic that is responsible for its incredible anti-oxidant properties. In fact, science is discovering that the allicin in garlic is the most potent anti-oxidant there is.” Read More

via The Savvy Sister (Sister Earth Organics)

*Photo provided by Microsoft Office Online Clip Art


4 Responses

  1. I totally agree. I just read a natural cures book and it also listed garlic as key helpers in fighting Coughs and Colds. You can also get really good garlic pills that are not stinky to get the extra boost. It is great for heart health and recommended to help keep the cholesterol numbers down. Good stuff hey.

    • Absolutely, many underestimate the power of food! Garlic is so much more than just a powerful smell.

      THX for reading. 😉

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    • THX Billy!!!

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