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Hello, you can call me Stewy; I’ve been fat free for almost eight years now, and by this I don’t mean I never eat fat, because I consume plenty! The way the world is heading, I guess you could say I’m the exception to the rule; one of the few who is winning the overwhelming battle against fat. Growing up overweight has given me an understanding of how fat can leave its physical and emotional scars.

With more fast food restaurants than ever before lining the streets, processed foods from wall to wall at grocery stores, thousands of fad diets, performance enhancing supplements with outrageous claims, slues of infomercials pushing so called miracle machines, not to mention our ever increasing sedimentary lifestyle, is it little wonder that during 2007 to 2009, 24% of adults were obese and an additional 37% were overweight? Statistics Canada. As if it’s not hard enough to avoid being one of these statistics, the system we live in today is bent on taking advantage of us as well.

Do not despair! I will be of some assistance to you. A healthier and more rewarding life is closer than you think. With a little knowhow and some street smarts, you will be well on your way. The ugly truth awaits you; enjoy My Body Is My Hobby Blog!

Note: It’s important for you to know that my blog is completely independent and I am in no way affiliated with or salaried by any of my references. The information and sources I provide are simply fundamentals that I have found helpful and live by to this day.

*Photo provided by Stew-Art-Prints

40 Responses

  1. Hey Stewy!! I’m looking forward to follow along your journey. As you know I am a Weight Watcher girl, but it is still motivating to read more info and to see a living example as yourself. I hope to be fat free myself one day!! 🙂

    • Ahhh look at this, I have followers already! I’m already motivated and I haven’t even posted anything yet, hehe. That’s fine.. Weight Watchers are welcome as well, just a different path on the way to the same destination. Stay on that path and your destination will become a reality! Thanks for your interest, all the best.

  2. Great blog! Look forward to hearing more!

    • Glad you like it. Your support is really appreciated! Big thanks!

  3. YEAH!! So glad you started this blog. Look forward to following and will be charting our progress.

    Weight machine is now installed. Was hoping for private instructor . . . but will wait till next year.

    Will be returning to the site in the next day or so to do the body fat test.

    Stay tuned…

    Luv and Hugs and Congrats to you on the blog!!

    Encouraged already!

    Alain and Rye

    • Thank you guys so much! I would often go back and forth on whether I should even bother making my writings into something. They mostly started out as rants that I would scribble down on scraps of paper, as I cleaned floors late at night. Already I’m glad I’m going through with it. In turn it is motivating for me; you can count on me going to the gym tomorrow when I wake up! Maybe I’m not just doing it for myself after all, especially when I hear comments like “living example”, talk about pressure, LOL! Thanks again guys, and remember, make that weight machine your new best friend!!! Ciao

  4. Stewy!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work in putting this information together so well. I’m reading so keep it coming!

    All the best,


    • That really means a lot Josh, oh I mean Najosha! I’m pleased you think it’s well put together thus far. I’ll try not to disappoint… 😮

  5. Awesome! Glad to see your having an outlet for your thoughts. For sure putting the “pen to paper” type approach will cement in a lot of those facts that you have bouncing around in that brain of yours, and hopefully we’ll benefit at the same time too. 😉

    • True that, my friend! Now that I’m blogging I have no choice but to practice what I preach 🙂 Thanks for your support over the years.

  6. Stewie! It’s been a long, long time buddy! Great blog! Sadly I ended up getting out of shape again over the winter (nope, no triathelon) but I recently formed a “six-pack pact” with a few people in my hall. Will let you know how it goes. Might start posting results online. Miss ya bro!

    • I miss you so much man! I did underestimate how beneficial it was to have a friend with such similar goals. I still often recall our spirited workouts. Great to hear from you… definitely keep me posted!

  7. Like what I saw on your blog. Took the Home body Fat Test when I seen it on your blog. 33% fat, ugh!!!
    Am starting new plan today. Will keep you posted.

    • Hello Fern,

      Thanks for taking the time to look through my blog. I hope you can implement your new plan as smoothly as possible. Absolutely keep me posted… if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask, I would love to help. All the best!

  8. You blog is highly motivational. The way you look now, I can’t imagine that you were ever overweight.

    • That is the nicest thing to say… thank you very much. I have come along way and I don’t even recognize the old me. Anything is possible if you actually want to do it. Your comment is truly valued.

      • I just need to keep reading your blog for more inspiration 🙂

        • Please do! I’m also here if you have any questions. Feel free to post them on my Q&A page. Thanks for your interest and support… I hope to keep you engrossed.

  9. Great blog mate,

    Now that I am living in Canada I find a lot of what your saying more relevant. I particularly enjoyed the 20 worst drinks in America post, looking back at the few times I have drank some of them, I now know to avoid them in the future and look for the better alternatives. e.g. water haha. Your doing an important job by raising awareness like this. So congratulations and keep up the good work 🙂


    • Such kind words… thank you. I’m glad you liked The 20 Worst Drinks in America, I can’t believe companies get away with labelling them as sport or health drinks… what a shame.

      When I clicked on your name to go see your blog, I was absolutely blown away! I am seriously speechless… you think outside the box and your photography shows it. Great perspective… and so much feeling in your portrait photos, everything is perfectly edited to pop just enough. Man… I’m green with envy. I am going to personally e-mail you so we can talk shop. All the best dude.

      Everyone go see this Young Australian Photographer’s blog, you will not be disappointed.

      Dale Tidy

    • By the way if you are looking for alternatives, a friend recommended this to me. It’s the only energy drink I would trust as I know the company’s history.

      Rev3 Energy http://products.usana.com/bin/us_en_Rev3.pdf

  10. Hello Stewy,

    congrats on being on freshly pressed, awesome! That´s how I found you 🙂
    I am from Germany and when I moved to the US in 2008, I was SHOCKED. Families don´t eat together at specific times at the table, people eat in their cars, soda aisles and the freezer section dominate the grocery stores and going out for dinner isn´t something I really enjoy.

    My mission has become to help people make better choices in all kinds of aspects of life: I want to safe the planet and their inhabitants! And I am very grateful for every person that I meet along my journey who has the same mission. I enjoy the way you write, I hope I can improve my English and my writing skills.. Will definitely follow your posts.

    Thanks Stewy for this awesome blog,

    • Franziska,

      Thanks so much for all the kind words, it’s so encouraging to hear. Yeah many in society are now doing things all backwards! Too many are quickly losing the need to socialize with family and friends, and prefer to spend most of their hours at work or secluded. You have very noble intentions with your blog, you should be commended for your fine efforts. I wish you the best in all your endeavours.

      Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit (with deep gratitude),


  11. Hey… I am with you to battle the bulge. Very thoughtful of you.

    • … and very thoughtful of you to subscribe. 😉 I’ll try my very best not to disappoint.

  12. I’m so glad I came across your blog. Every inspirational and informative.

    • Wow… that is exactly what I needed to hear! Such kind comments like this help me stick it out in the blogging world.

  13. Uh huh…yea…I couldn’t hear you over your good looks. Something about fat…you’re so pretty.

    • Ohhhh stop it, wink! Too much flattery might go straight to my head and start to affect my writing. I best keep an honest self image… but a little praise won’t hurt. 🙂

  14. I really enjoy the layout and content of your blogs.

    • Delighted to hear you enjoy the layout. We are visual creatures… I hope to catch people’s eye, encouraging them to read more.

  15. Hi Stewy, glad to have found your blog. I have been (painfully) thin all my life, and that’s other side of the extreme. Happy to report that I now weigh within accpetable brackets – having two kids helped immensely. Now, how to get rid of the flabby tummy. Any pointers?
    And you can call me Marya. 🙂

    • Contrary to popular belief, I won’t suggest you do hundreds of sit-ups a day. Any desired toning is a result of increased muscle mass and/or fat reduction. The absolute best way to achieve both is weight/resistance training and proper diet.

      I personally find the fastest results are from healthy eating habits, and long-term result from weight lifting. As an alternative look into core-based exercise programs such as Pilates and you will no doubt get tummy tightening results.

      Just remember more muscle equals increased ability to burn fat. The primary reason we get flabby is due to fat accumulation. You can work your core muscle out all you want but until you liberate the overlying fat, you can’t achieve a toned physique. Neither can you spot reduce fat, you need to lose overall body fat and eventually your trouble areas with disappear.

      I always recommend full body movements that engage multiple muscles simultaneously and challenge the heart at the same time. Think of it, your legs (quads, hamstrings and glutes) are the biggest muscles in your body, working them burns the most calories and in turn fat. Squats and deadlifts are great for doing that, they really challenge the legs, core and back (deadlifts also hit your arms and shoulders).

      As far as eating goes, follow your own taste buds but be most concerned about not spiking your insulin. High insulin triggers fat storage in your fat cells, so try your best to eat healthy low-glycemic foods. The flowing blog posts will better acquaint you with this eating philosophy.

      The perfect balance!

      Peak your interest?

      Keep me post… if you have any other questions feel free to post them on my Q&A page.

  16. Hi Stewy, loved your blog…the title says it all 😉 I am new to blogging…just started blogging “Diary Of a Workout Freak”. Like you I highly advocate exercise and healthy living habits – natural. Big NO for processed foods. I have become fat free for about a year now and I love it. I have read a couple of your blogs and liking it. Keep posting…we need to create more awareness.

    • Pleased to hear you like my blog thus far. It’s true, if only people could get a taste of how good it feels to have a healthy mind and body. At first it feels so surreal… disbelief that it is actually possible to obtain and maintain a good physique.

      I hope you continue to reach your goals, and all the best on your blog!

  17. Interesting introduction. I wasn’t fat per say but I was unhealthy during college of course. Now, I’m a college graduate and just found out I’m allergic to almost everything so my diet has changed drastically: no more soy, peanuts, potatoes, and rye, to name a few.

    Coincidentally with my new lifestyle the pounds have been dropping left and right.

    Will definitely enjoy reading your posts!

    • Another perfect example of how powerful food can be. People underestimate the effect food alone has on their body, for good or bad. Initially, after educating myself about nutrition I lost 50 lbs from diet alone. I have since gained lean muscle mass thanks to weightlifting and now weigh more than my lightest weight; however, I’m even leaner now.

      Thank you for your ongoing interest in my blog. May you find maximum healthy and enjoyment from food despite your allergies. All the best on your blog!

  18. You can certainly see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  19. Hey you,
    I have mentioned you in our acceptance of the Liebster Blog Award.
    You may follow the rules on the award if you would like to nominate other worthy blog people. Or just sit back and enjoy if other viewers are directed to your blog via the mention.

  20. I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    To check this award out please go to this link.


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