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June 2011

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Eating in the city of bicycles
Forks Over Knives

May 2011

Brussels & Bruges, Belgium – I’ve died and gone to heaven
You’re up, Europe!

April 2011

Cheat OUT not IN
What is your potential?

March 2011

The Scale… Friend or Foe?
A little vanity never hurt anyone!
Talking Leaves

February 2011

My Revelation
Not convinced?
But I don’t want to bulk up!

January 2011

Want to Lose Weight? Count Your Distractions, Not Your Calories (via The Savvy Sister)
Science is Beginning to Unlock the Secret Health Benefits of Garlic (via The Savvy Sister)
Read… Read… Read…

December 2010

Simple Humans
Is weight training for me?
Seeing results equals long-term success

November 2010

Junk. Junk. Junk.
Straight up!
The Slimy, Smelly, (but healthy) Fish Oil Story (via The Savvy Sister)
When are we going to grow up?
They have… We have
Grab your nuts… and go! (via The Savvy Sister)
HOT OFF THE Freshly PRESSed! Who’s your blog daddy now?

October 2010

Is your culture killing you?
Craziest Food Creations 2010
20 Worst Drinks in America 2010
Reevaluation needed?
Do’s & don’ts… starting now!
The NO POP Pledge

September 2010

How many pushups can you do?
Core issues of obesity
What prevents you from reaching your goals?
To be or not to be… obese? That is the question!

August 2010

The most affordable diet aid ever!
Fad Diets vs Balanced Diets
Keep it simple stupid

July 2010

Break through!
Your Metabolism… Another piece to the puzzle
Peak your interest?
The perfect balance!

May 2010

Hormones and your fat

April 2010

Knowledge is power.
3 things holding people “FAT”!
Doing it right at Veritas
Food Inc.

March 2010

Conspiracy Theory
Does healthy = bland?
What it takes
It’s time… Give Up the Wheel

February 2010

Just to be clear.
STOP Dieting!
Who have I become?
Who was I?
Who am I? Average….

January 2010

My Mission
What this is NOT!


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