In addition to health and fitness, photography is another passion of mine. My photography combines the love I have for travel with my fascination with architecture. It is my hope that I can inspire others to expand their horizons and see firsthand different cultures and their healthy relationship with food. When traveling in Europe I am enthralled by European’s zest for life and obsession with food. Many of the people I meet and observe lead satisfying healthy lives with plenty of enjoyment coming from food, a balance that is becoming extinct as western culture spreads abroad.

Follow my travels around North America and Europe at Stew-Art-Prints Travel Photography.

6 Responses

  1. Ooh! Love the Venice photo!

    • A majestic city built over water… unbelievable! This vantage point will be etched in my memory forever, ohh Italy… sniff sniff.

  2. Just took a look at your photography site. Very impressive! You certainly have a knack with a camera! very nice!!

    • Traveling is a huge passion of mine, I love Europe so much! Once it gets in your blood it’s so hard to stay home. 🙂 I’m glad you like my photography, I wish I had more time to pursue it but there is only so much time in a day. Hopefully our next trip will be Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. We will see, my family is also due for a visit and they live in Western Canada. Unfortunately, a plane ticket from Quebec to my parents is the same price as going to London or Paris. 😦 That’s life… but I obviously can’t complain.

      • I just came from visiting my sister in western Canada–Victoria, BC.
        Lots of photographic opportunities there! So beautiful!
        I will be looking for some new pictures soon I hope!

        • Yeah, much of BC including Victory is breathtaking scenic landscapes, a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast! Many from my mom’s side are scattered throughout BC. The majority of my dad’s side live in Alberta, but come to think of it I have an uncle who lives in Victoria BC. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit… too bad I was not into photography when living out west. No photo’s of BC yet… but I do have some Playa del Carmen Mexico photos awaiting editing, but I’m not sure when I will get to them. Later Savvy Sister

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