March 30, 2014


As you probably have already noticed by my lack of posts. I am taking a permeant leave from blogging to concentrate on my photography. I would like to thank everyone for their support. 

Please take a minute to view my Travel Photography.

Thank you!



Talking Leaves
March 13, 2011

With our modern-day information explosion, websites are a dime a dozen making it that much more special when you come across something different. I truly believe I have stumbled upon a small diamond in the rough. Although not related to health and fitness, I view it as “healthy” exercise for the brain.

Talking Leaves by William Leed is a poetry blog. Take a few minutes to look through the poems and you will soon appreciate these meaningful verses.

Whether you subscribe, click “like”, leave a comment or simply take a minute to browse, you can give William Leed the credit he deserves.

Talking Leaves – the pondering pale face… a poetry blog by William Leed.

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*Photo provided by My MacBook Pro

**Photo edited by Stew-Art-Prints

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