Does healthy = bland?
March 15, 2010

No! Healthy does not have to equal bland. Two of the biggest culprits contributing to this unfortunate misconception, are the unprecedented amounts of sugar and salt in our day to day foods. This has led us to believe that the only foods that taste good are fast foods and highly processed ones.

Foods with alarming quantities of either sugar or salt are highly addictive, and if consumed regularly can easily leave one depending on them. When it comes to salt, we Canadians even outeat our neighbors in the United States. Don’t think for one minute you can simply boycott fast food chains and live a salt free lifestyle, because it’s everywhere! Why? I’ll have to leave that answer for my next post as I don’t want to get side tracked.

In the meantime, to illustrate the difficulty we face, make sure to grab a soup can from your kitchen and read the nutritional facts on the label. One of the healthier foods you can choose from in your home, right? Well… it still remains a better choice than other highly processed foods, but just look at those sodium levels! Many canned soups will give you upto half of your recommended daily requirements of sodium, so eating more than the serving size and finishing the whole can will be your daily requirement of sodium in one sitting! For more information on this sodium epidemic, Statistics Canada has done a study on Salt Consumption.

The good news is that taste buds adapt to whatever you throw at them. For example, how many of us really liked coffee, wine, olives, oysters or fine cheese the very first time we tasted them. Most likely those foods took a little getting used to because they are an acquired taste.

Well fortunately a balanced diet is much like building up an acquired taste for unfamiliar foods. Healthy foods do require your taste buds to adapt, but you will soon love foods that you never thought you would. Believe me it gets easier with time, and you will soon see your likes and dislikes changing completely. This is great and very important to your progress, because you won’t stick to anything if you don’t like the food you’re throwing down the hatch.

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