Reevaluation needed?
October 15, 2010

Some researchers believe there are many benefits to eating specific fruits according to their respective season, arguing that our body is not designed to ingest certain fruits all year-round. For example, some fruits eaten out of season block your body’s ability to metabolize vitamin D. So during winter, when the sun (just one source of vitamin D for humans) is minimal, we would not be getting an adequate amount of vitamin D.

Do not get me wrong here, that could be a well-founded argument if you are prone to any vitamin deficiencies. More importantly, what poses a bigger health risk: your levels of vitamin D or being overweight?

Also, since we do not have all the time and energy in the world, where do you want to spend it?

One can easily get caught up in continually changing opinions. Fun facts might make you seem knowledgeable around your friends, but why not accept practical suggestions, ones that yield the most results. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. This is what matters most and changes ones life for the better. Start simple and work your way up, you can always fine tune later. If a few years from now you find yourself slim and trim, and maintaining your weight has become second nature, then by all means incorporate other suggestions.

Please keep things in perspective! If you find yourself worrying about your vitamin levels and passing by fruits because they are not in season, but are still throwing chips and cookies into your groceries cart, then maybe it is time for a reevaluation! First things first… let us start worrying more about loosing some weight (fat).

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Do’s & don’ts… starting now!
October 8, 2010

  • Stay away from refined sugars

  • Eliminate junk food and most sweets

  • Choose 100% whole grains (pasta and bread)

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables than you do grains

  • Replace butter or margarine with olive oil

  • Limit fruit juices; have water instead

  • Consume booze only on special occasions

  • Exercise (just get moving)

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Peak your interest?
July 16, 2010

Learn more about what foods are considered to be low-glycemic at either of the following websites; Fat Wars or Awaken Your Body. Brad King a nutritional researcher, performance nutritionist and fitness expert, dubs these foods as ULTIMATE FUEL!


•All berries

•Pumpkin seeds
•Sunflower seeds

•FOS (frycto-oligo-saccharides)

•All lettuces
•Azuki beans
•Black beans
•Black-eyed peas
•Butter beans
•Garbanzo beans
•Navy beans
•Split peas

•All bran cereals
•Oatmeal/Oat bran
•Whole grain pastas

•Fresh vegetable juice
•Green tea
•Tomato juice

•Low-fat cottage cheese
•Organic milk
•Organic plain yogurt (no added sugar)


•Bananas (semi-hard)

•Apple juice
•Black cherry juice
•Blueberry juice
•Grapefruit juice
•Orange juice

•Corn on the cob
•Lima beans
•Potatoes (red, white)
•Sweet potatoes

•Organic unrefined brown sugar
•Organic, grade C maple syrup
•Unprocessed blackstrap molasses
•Unrefined raw honey

•Basmati rice
•Brown rice
•Most pastas
•Pita bread
•Pumpernickel bread
•Whole grain breads
•Whole wheat bread (100% stone-ground)
•Wild rice



•Bananas (ripe)
•Most dried fruits

•Carrot juice
•Soft drinks and sport drinks (added sugars)

•Barley malt
•Corn syrup solids
•Glucose and glucose polymers (maltodextrin-based drinks)
•High-fructose corn syrup
•Sucrose (table sugar)

•Cooked carrots
•French fries
•Potato (baked)
•Potato chips
•Sweet corn

•Ice cream

•Breakfast cereals (refined with added sugar)
•Cold Cereal
•Corn chips
•Crackers and crispbread
•French bread
•Hamburger and hotdog buns
•Muffins (due to the processed flour)
•Puffed rice or wheat
•Rice cakes
•Shredded wheat
•Toaster waffles
•White bread
•White rice
•Whole wheat bread

Fat Wars

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Doing it right at Veritas
April 14, 2010

Anyone who tries their best to eat healthy knows how difficult it can be when eating out! Thankfully for those of you who live in Montreal it just got a whole lot easier – thanks to my new-found health café in Old Montreal, where I also enjoy crema laden espresso. Veritas stands out from the rest, as there is no need for requests like, “exchange my fries for a salad”, or “salad dressing on the side”. What a breath of fresh air to go into a restaurant and have peace of mind that foods are 100% whole grain, not processed or refined, fresh meats are grilled not deep-fried, natural sweeteners like cane juice, honey, and authentic maple syrup are common place. Along with friendly, down-to-earth service with a personal touch, all brought together in a modern chic ambience.

The kicker is all this quality and attention to detail won’t even cost you a premium, a soup will only set you back a couple bucks, a full meal including a sandwich and salad is from $6 to $10, now that is priceless! Go, see for yourself you won’t regret it, 480 Blvd St-Laurent (corner Notre-Dame), and be sure to let me know what you think. See map

“Fresh! Healthy! Good for You! Low in Fat! No Carbs! These words and phrases are losing their meaning. They’re becoming little more than buzz words that prove to be misleading after closer examination. At Café Santé Veritas, we want to give meaning back to these catchphrases.

For us, it begins with preparation. Instead of buying ready-made products to re-sell, everything we serve is cooked and baked onsite. From muffins and scones to soups and jams, we know exactly what goes into everything we serve.

We are particular to the point of obsession about what we use and what we do not. Our meats are low-fat filet mignon, our fish are fresh salmon filets, and our chicken is grain-fed and white-meat only, our fruits and vegetables are daily fresh, and our herbs and spices are all natural. Instead of processed white sugar or artificial sweeteners, we choose evaporated sugar cane juice, honey, or authentic maple syrup. Likewise, we avoid altogether saturated oils, butter, and anything high in saturated or trans fat.

When cooking, we don’t fry and are careful to ensure food oils are not exposed to heat. Care is taken that all meats are grilled before marinating and are never sautéed in oil. The challenge of maintaining the flavourful appeal of our food without sacrificing the health benefits is worth it to provide a true alternative to the typical casual lunch fare.

All of our meals are balanced with proportions of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and “good” fats in tandem with several essential vitamins and minerals. We make an extra effort because we are committed to Veritas; the truth in our message of healthier eating and healthier living. Try us out to see for yourself, our meals are designed to leave you satisfied without feeling heavy or lethargic.

Don’t be misled by buzz words that lack follow through. Food is only as good as it makes you feel, and we’re confident that Café Santé Veritas can help you find your healthier lifestyle. Avoid the hype; be true to your body, after all it’s the only one you have.”

Café Santé Veritas Menu – Download Brochure
Visit their website – Café Santé Veritas

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