What prevents you from reaching your goals?
September 7, 2010

Conspiracy Theory
March 23, 2010

What has happened to us? The majority of consumers seem to be determined to find foods that are easier and quicker to cook. Your next meal is just a poke, rip, slice, shake, or nuke away from being served in record time. What would we do if ever we lost our scissors or can opener, why actually… we just might shed some unwanted fat! Unfortunately as time goes by, we acquire new gadgets that consume more and more of our time, it is then harder and harder to find the time to cook a proper meal. Yes, I will admit cooking good healthy food, and preparing it well does take more time out of your day, but it’s time well spent I must say.

It’s all just a big conspiracy; it’s not all your fault. Ever wonder why grocery stores dedicate such a large percentage of their floor space to unhealthy foods. Well besides the obvious reason, because people keep buying junk, so they keep selling junk! There is a more sinister force at work here however, the higher you go up the business ladder, the less those individuals care about their consumers’ health and well-being and the more they care about money. More and more money is spent on trying to make foods last longer on shelves and less and less attention is given to how these foods impact our health. Spoiled or overdue food means smaller profit margins; as a result they have done a great job of making food last for months on end.

So yes it would be quicker to grab something out of a box, throw it into the microwave and presto, and it almost even tastes like real food. Please, do yourself a favor and try to imagine that man fully clad in his white smock and goggles, mixing various chemical concoctions in attempt to create something that is somewhat similar to what we now view as food. As a general rule, if you can’t pronounce more than half the words labeled under the ingredients, then you might just want to put it back.

There are other options out there; you do not have to support the system. If we don’t buy it they won’t sell it, and hopefully someday soon we will have a little more healthy options to choose from. Remember, you in effect cast your vote every time one of your items passes the scanner!

“Supermarket” photo provided by Flickr user: lyzadanger

“Chemist” photo provided by Microsoft Office Online Clip Art

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